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English Close Caption Producer (Freelance)
Posting Date : 05 Jul 2017 | Close Date :04 Aug 2017

Responsibilities :

·         Produce English close captions for Channel 5, Okto, CNA.

·          Identify and correct spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes in TV scripts.

·         Improve the accuracy of the language in the subtitles, and make them clear, concise and comprehensible without deviating substantially from the actual recorded material that will go on air; Identify local slangs (especially Singlish), colloquial speech or informal words/sentences and restructure the sentences as required.

·         Produce timecodes to ensure captions sync with the programme.


Requirements :

·         An excellent command of English 

·         Meticulous with language and punctuation

·         Diploma/degree

·         Enjoys watching TV programmes

·         Editorial experience preferred

·         Must be able to commit long term


Job Specialization : Programming/Production
Type of Employment : Temporary
Minimum Experience : 1 Year

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